The Bulgarian companies do have significant and underutilized potential for exports and more active involvement in the international markets.
These are missed opportunities for all of us in Bulgaria.

Reaching to change this situation the Bulgarian Industrial Association with the support of internationally recognized experts established in 2007 the Bulgarian Institute for Foreign Trade (BIFT).

The main aim of BIFT is to contribute to the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy through enhancing the export capacity of the Bulgarian companies. This objective is to be reached through continuous training and education aiming to increase the skills and knowledge of Bulgarian managers and entrepreneurs in the field of foreign trade. That constitutes the main activities of BIFT.

According to the National Statistical Institute there are around 13 000 companies in Bulgaria that are engaged in exporting activities. If based on the skills and knowledge acquired through BIFT each of them finds additional markets and earns additional only 100 000 leva per annum the total impact will be an extra 1,3 bullion leva. Money that represents more incomes for the companies, better salaries for their employees and more revenues to the state budget. The impact could be multiplied if even a small fraction of the companies that are operating only locally find international markets and clients with the help of BIFT.

This is our concrete objective and how we will measure our results. 

Bojidar Danev
Bulgarian Industrial Association